King of Battles KR Qualifier 2




Welcome to the King of Battles - KB International Championship Korean Qualifier #2!

This is the second korean qualifier for the King of Battles. The main event provides a prizepool of $30.000  and 1280 EPT points towards IEM Katowice 2021.

General information:

The map pool for the event is as follows: Submarine LE, Deathaura LE, Pillars of Gold LE, Oxide LE, Lightshade LE, Romanticide LE, Jagannatha LE.

The qualifiers are double elimination brackets with top 3 qualifying for the group stage.

IMPORTANT: Korean players may only play in the KR qualifiers. Non-Korean players may decide if they want to play EITHER the KR qualifiers OR the EU/NA qualifiers.

All matches are Bo3.

Vetoing works as follows with A meaning player A, B meaning player B, C meaning the remaining map:

Vetoes: ABBA

Picks: BAC

The higher seed in the challonge bracket is player A.

The ingame chat channel to find your opponents and administrators is: KoB2020

Discord server: https://discord.gg/HvQ7Bda

More detailed information for rules and regulations can be found in the Official Rule Book.



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